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I have personally written more than 2,000 professional resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, and executive bios, and have reviewed many thousands more over the past 20 years. Click here for information on my resume writing process. Click here and you will find a complete list of the types of jobs I have written for many clients. You will be surprised!

To view the selected sample resumes I have created for clients, follow the links below.  All of these are true stories.

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Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC): Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC), Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP)

Career Directors International:  Certified Professional – Online Job Search and Reputation Management

Irene Marshall


My resume is written with a clear strategy to make a statement on who I am, the services I provide, areas of expertise, work experience, and credentials. The resume has a structure with different sections.

My “headline” is “Career Services Professional”

Four certifications are part of my credentials

Areas of expertise are the general services I provide for people

Corporate roles: These outline my work history, including my current role as a resume writer and coach

Business ownership: This describes several separate family businesses I have co-managed with my husband.

Education and Affiliations:  More of my credentials



My executive bio has been incorporated into business proposals and listings of participants for multiple writing and coaching programs sponsored by companies and organizations. An abbreviated version has been used to introduce me for speaking engagements.


President / Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

This client moved from a successful sales management role into an executive position as the President of a division of a major financial services company. He was ready to take on the same role for an entire business. He is now CEO at a cloud-based document management services company.


Chief Operations Officer (COO)

This client had executive experience in wholesale distribution and manufacturing of apparel. He was open to using this background in a different industry. He is now the COO of a global technology services company.


Chief Financial Officer (CFO) / Controller

The world of education nonprofits was a good match for this client because of her strong belief in the importance of education for both adults and children. She was able to stay in that sector by moving to a different nonprofit.

Senior Director of Human Resources

This Human Resources executive was hired into a European engineering company as they were quickly ramping up to establish a U.S. operation. Unfortunately the company did not do well, and she then had to lay off many of the employees she had just hired. It was a very stressful time for her. She now has a consulting role at a career management services firm.

Director of Finance & Information Technology

This executive had strategically built her career into a well-balanced leadership role in finance, accounting, information technology and operations. She is not just a “numbers person”. She was able to leverage her experience with a social services nonprofit to take a similar role with a not-for-profit healthcare system.

Global Supply Chain Director

This executive had extensive global supply chain experience. She was hired by another manufacturer based in the U.S. that specifically valued her work in countries such as China, Hong Kong, Turkey, India and Switzerland.


Accounting Manager

This client managed an accounting team of five at a manufacturing company. At this stage in her career she wanted to work as an individual contributor, so she took a role as a Senior Internal Auditor.

Accounts Payable Manager

A company contacted me because they had to lay off a good employee who had been with the company for 24 years. She was very nervous. They paid for outplacement services with Tools for Transition so we could build her resume from scratch. She gained a lot of confidence by getting a true understanding of the contributions she had made to the company over time.

District Sales Manager

This top-producing District Sales Manager transitioned from an office equipment company to another one that provides technology solutions for the construction industry. He was hired for his strong sales and management experience, even though he had no construction industry experience.

Events Manager

This client was a Flight Attendant with a small, boutique charter airline. The VIP passengers were well-known politicians, entertainers, sports teams, and corporate executives.  She had worked on more than 300 flights, so we positioned each flight as an “event”.  A global law firm valued her discretion and experience satisfying high-profile, sometimes demanding people, so they hired her as an Events Manager.

Senior Project & Program Manager

This client was really excited to receive 5 (!!!) job offers at the same time, including two with one company where the managers were each fighting for him. He took one of those offers, and remained in the telecommunications industry.

Healthcare - Registered Nurse

This dedicated registered nurse was able to go from a hospital to a university student health services work environment. Many students are away from home for the first time, so she appreciated this opportunity to help them with any health-related needs.

Education - Assistant School Principal

This elementary school teacher worked at a religious school where she was responsible for both religious and secular teaching. She wanted to stay in education, but in a different role. She earned her Masters in Education Administration, and is now the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at another religious school.

Construction Superintendent

This client gained much of his construction experience working with a real estate professional services firm. He was hired directly into a commercial construction and improvements company because of his broad range of technical skills and knowledge, and his ability to manage complex construction projects.

Manufacturing Operations Supervisor (Automotive)

This client recently returned from Pakistan, where he worked with an Army contractor as an interpreter and a member of the security force. An automotive manufacturer hired him specifically because of his experience managing a team under stressful situations, even though he had absolutely no experience with manufacturing and quality control.

Facilities Maintenance Director

Assisted living and memory care facilities have special needs, so this client was hired because of his experience in the same industry. He is skilled in 21 separate trades (!!!!), so he can do much of the work himself.  Or he can supervise other trades people needed for specific projects.

Executive Assistant / Office Manager

This client enjoyed the field of elder law and estate planning, so she was able to move from one law firm to another because she was already well versed in related legal matters.

International Business Manager

This client was working in Thailand as a South East Asia Business Manager for a global manufacturing firm. A friend moved to Japan, and recruited him to be an OEM Global Manager at a similar U.S.-based company. He is now enjoying Tokyo!

Recent College Grad / Entry Level

Jared Smith earned a BS in Accounting at a university. We wrote his resume in a format that was suitable for a career fair that was held on his campus. He is now an Audit Associate with Ernst and Young.

Cover Letters

Cover Letter - Controller

This client’s company went out of business, so she was instrumental in shutting it down. She was then able to find a similar job as an interim Controller.

Cover Letter - Second Career

This 75-year old gentleman contacted me, saying that all of his friends had died or retired, but he was ready to start something new. He was the owner of a residential construction firm for 50 years. After working with me, he moved into a role of Administrator at an assisted living facility after his wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and he could no longer take care of her at home.