Your resume is the foundation of your job search. We will develop a “master resume” that can be edited without too much trouble for different opportunities. I have personally written more than 3,000 resumes and other career documents, and I have reviewed thousands more. The writing process starts with:

Writing Strategy  >  Content  >  Presentation (Formatting)

The resume will do this:

  • Tell your “career stories” with your accomplishments and work you have done so far.
  • Convey how you want to be perceived.
  • Position you for the work you want to do next.
  • Clearly state why someone should hire you instead of someone else.
  • Serve as part of interview preparation by going through a comprehensive writing process.

Next steps:

  • Review the flow chart for the resume writing process.
  • Review my writing samples and the stories that go with them.
  • Review the page of “My Clients” to get a full list of my experience writing resumes.


  • Schedule a call for an initial consultation. THERE IS NO CHARGE.
  • Upload your resume and examples of job postings that interest you. Include a note about your current situation.

We will talk and decide how we can work together to develop a master resume. Then I will put together a service agreement with professional fees to get us started.