What is a LinkedIn Coach?

LinkedIn is the premier networking platform for business that is now used by more than 450 million people around the world. I offer coaching because it is not always intuitive, and can seem like it is complicated until you understand how to use it. Plus LinkedIn continually tweaks things, so it is challenging to keep up with new changes.

LinkedIn is a place to “see and be seen.” There are three primary purposes:

  • How do you represent your current employer?
  • How can you build and maintain your professional network?
  • How can you use it to find a new job?

Coaching can include topics such as:

  • Why is LinkedIn important and what is an overview?
  • How do you create or edit an existing profile that will get you noticed?
  • How do you keep your privacy but still be active on LinkedIn?
  • How do you effectively give and receive recommendations?
  • How do you state your specific skills and knowledge that will catch the attention of a potential employer?
  • How do you apply for jobs that are posted on LinkedIn?

I use my own profile as a teaching tool through an in-office appointment or a screen share phone call for someone who cannot meet with me. It is easier to show you than to tell you.

Click here to see my own profile.

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LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn is used by more than 450 million people as the primary business networking tool around the world. Having a presence is very important for people who are serious about their careers.

Your personal brand needs to support your company’s brand.
You are always a representative of your company for customers, vendors, strategic partners, and colleagues. I always look for people’s LinkedIn profiles before I ever pick up the phone to talk.

You are in charge of your own career.
It is very important to build and stay in touch with your professional network as part of basic career management. Who is in your network? How are you staying in touch with them?

You can get help with your job search.
Ideally you have built a network over time that you can tap into for help with your job search. Most jobs are, in fact, filled by people helping someone else network into a company. And businesses frequently post open jobs on their own company pages.

How do you build a profile? The resume is the foundation document. I cannot go directly into your profile because it is against terms and conditions. But I can give you written guidance that is typically 5 – 10 pages long. This will include information on how to use LinkedIn, and will give you suggested text based on your resume. Then you can work with LinkedIn yourself.

You can review my own LinkedIn profile as a good example, of course!

What about LinkedIn coaching? There is a lot about LinkedIn that is not intuitive or obvious to learn. And LinkedIn makes frequent changes, so it is a moving target, even for someone trained like me. So coaching is important for you to have an overview about how LinkedIn works, and an understanding about how to benefit from its use. Click here to find out more about LinkedIn coaching.

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