What is a LinkedIn Coach?

LinkedIn is firmly integrated into the business world around the globe as a tool to help more than 450 million people connect with each other. You can use it to find a job, reach out to recruiters, and build your professional network. You can also use it as one way to effectively represent your current employer. It is a place to “see and be seen”.

There is a lot about LinkedIn that is not intuitive or obvious to a new or even an experienced user. And LinkedIn is frustrating as a moving target that changes on a regular basis. It is challenging to keep up with what is current. I use my own profile as a teaching tool. This can be done in my office or through a remote access phone call. It is easier to show things to you rather than just tell you. Coaching can include:

  • Overview about LinkedIn and why it is important.
  • Guidance on developing your own profile.
  • Information on how to build and maintain your professional network.
  • Ideas on how to use LinkedIn as part of your interview preparation.
  • Strategies on recommendations

I have been using LinkedIn since 2004 when it was a new concept. I now have over 2,400 connections so it is a useful tool that I have frequently used with interview coaching. One time a former colleague contacted me after 25 years when we worked together, and she then engaged me to write her resume. She would have found me through LinkedIn.

Your resume is the foundation document to build your profile. But then as one of my colleagues, Jason Alba, so clearly stated, “I’m on LinkedIn, now what?”

LinkedIn is a place to “see and be seen.”  I have had many clients get jobs because a recruiter or hiring manager “found” them through a search. I have also had many clients identify job opportunities that they then applied for and were hired.

It is an important tool to help you build and maintain your professional network as part of managing your career. It is important for how you represent your current employer and for how you look for new job opportunities. It really is true that most jobs are filled because one person helps someone else network into the company.

I use my own LinkedIn profile as a teaching tool either in my office or through a remote access phone call. It is easier to show you than to tell you. Coaching is important whether you are a novice or if you are currently using it. We can cover topics such as:

  • What is the primary purpose of LinkedIn? Why is it important?
  • How do you build and maintain your network?
  • How can you use this to help you find a job?
  • How can you use this to be more effective at your current job?
  • How do you build a profile that will get you noticed?
  • How do you keep your privacy but still be active on LinkedIn?
  • How do you effectively give and get recommendations?
  • How do you state your specific skills and knowledge that will catch the attention of a potential employer?
  • How do you stay in touch with former and current colleagues, fellow students, and others in your life?

After you have a clear understanding about the benefits of using LinkedIn, we can develop some strategies on how to make it work for you.

Click here for more information on writing LinkedIn profiles.  Click here to see my own profile on LinkedIn.


Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC): Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC), Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP), Certified Professional Resume Writers (PARW)

Career Directors International:  Certified Professional – Online Job Search and Reputation Management (OJSRM)