What is a Job Search Coach?

You have a career plan, a great resume, and now you are ready to really start looking for your next job. Now what? The process can be challenging whether you are taking the initiative to find a new position, or if you were laid off.

I thoroughly understand the hiring process, so I can help you organize the job search process into manageable components or “baby steps” so it does not seem overwhelming.

I have received extensive professional training on internet job searches, and have been doing it since 2003. I hold this certification: Certified Professional –  Online Job Search and Reputation Management (OJSRM).

The job search always leads to:  Why should someone hire you instead of someone else? 

How Does The Process Work?

We will develop a strategy and action plan to help you identify new opportunities, with a particular focus on how to network into companies. The biggest mistake people make is to just apply online with job boards or company websites.

  • We can define your optimal work environment. This can include commute parameters, company size, industries, salary requirements, companies that will be interested in hiring you.
  • We will develop a detailed plan on how to find opportunities through the internet. (I can do this research for you, or teach you how to do it.)
  • If you are on LinkedIn, we will put together a plan specifically on how you can leverage your professional network. I can also help you find other ways to identify job opportunities that are posted within LinkedIn.
  • I personally have an extensive network built on LinkedIn since 2004. I also keep in touch with my clients, so I make introductions whenever I can after I have permission from each person.
  • Once we have done enough research, we will put together a job search strategy and an action plan. We will define ways that you can approach each company.
  • I can provide support and accountability to help you keep on track so you have momentum and don’t get discouraged. It is hard work, but manageable if it is broken into different components.

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Interview Coaching

Once you have gotten as far as a scheduled interview, I can provide interview coaching to help you through the company’s hiring process from initial screening by a recruiter or hiring manager, through to preparation for individual, sequential or panel onsite interviews. This will include developing strategies about negotiations and offer letters. Click here for more information on interview coaching.


I cannot give you a guarantee that you will get interviews or find a job. There are too many factors outside of my control that impact the job search. I have never kept statistics on the number of jobs my clients have obtained. However, much of my business comes from repeat and referral clients, so I use that as my marker for my clients having success. I get consistent anecdotal feedback from people on how they actually got their new jobs.


The job search process requires commitment, energy, discipline, persistence, and staying organized.  If you are focused on these things, you will find your new job. I will support you every step of the way to provide energy, information, ideas, and accountability.