Do you have a career plan?

Many job seekers enter into the job market without a concrete idea of where they want to go. Personally, I believe that careers should be purposefully shaped rather than just grabbing onto the opportunities that emerge through serendipity. This requires an assessment of where you are now and what is important to you.

You might not know what you want to do next. Maybe your work is not fulfilling or there is no room for advancement. Maybe the commute is no longer manageable or you don’t like the industry. Or perhaps the salary is not enough to support your family. You know you need to move on. But what are the steps you need to take to figure things out and get to the next big stage of your career?

You Need a Coach!

Exploratory career coaching can help you identify different options and provide you with a roadmap for exploration as you re-imagine your career. Your resume needs to have a focus, so it would be premature to do that writing unless you have made some career decisions. As a career coach, I can help you think through everything so you will know your next move. With my guidance, we can brainstorm some ideas and find a direction to thoughtfully explore your opportunities.

I don’t have an agenda about what you should do next, so I can be an unbiased sounding board for developing a career plan. It might take a single coaching session or you might want a series of appointments to point you in the right direction. Together, we can get you to the point where you know what you want from your career. Then, you can take things from there!

Career Transitions Can Happen!

I know from personal experience that successful career transitions can happen. Years ago, I got my start in accounting before moving on to sales and business development. Over the course of my career, I worked in two family-owned businesses in the automotive industry, multiple startups, established and growing companies, franchises, and Fortune 500 environments. On paper, they were all great jobs, but I just didn’t feel fulfilled in any of them.

Then, I unexpectedly was hired as a recruiter and that experience has been the foundation of what I do today. As a career coach and resume writer, I love what I do and I know I will stay in this profession for the rest of my career.
You too can have this experience of discovering what it is you were always meant to do!

To get started on the path towards your new career, contact me today. We can put together a career plan that will act as your roadmap. Then, we can start putting together a writing strategy so you will end up with the fantastic resume you need to really make your mark!

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Your resume needs to have a focus. So it is premature to do that writing unless you have made some career decisions and can provide 2 – job postings that really interest you. Then we can put together a writing strategy and start the writing process.

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