Corporate Outplacement Services

I work directly with companies and organizations that want to provide services for employees who are being laid off either as part of a restructuring or because of individual situations. Companies always want to help people have a soft landing at another job.

A program typically sets up a budget for a certain number of hours of my time for each person. Then that person and I determine what will be the most helpful for writing and/or coaching. All the work I do is confidential so people are free to discuss their situations even when their employer is paying for my services.

I worked with more than 40 people at a nonprofit that lost significant Federal funding and had to restructure. I have also worked with many individuals on a case-by-case base as requested by the company. I can provide a W-9 to be established as a service provider.

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Corporate and Academic Programs

Some organizations develop programs for job transition support as part of outplacement services to employees. I am engaged because I provide both writing and coaching, These programs are collaborations with representatives of one or more organizations, in addition to other coaches and writers.  Click here to schedule a call to discuss putting together a program that reaches your company’s specific goals.

National Football League (NFL)

Career transition program in collaboration with Stanford Graduate School of Business

The NFL is very aware that the transition from professional sports to the business world can be very challenging. Retired players may have difficulties with finance, marriage, family, physical and mental issues that can get in the way of deciding what to do next. They may not be clear on what skills and experience gained as a professional football player will be valuable to another employer.

Several years ago I was part of a 3-day event that was a collaboration between the NFL and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. About 40 retired players came from around the country to the Stanford campus to attend workshops. These covered topics such as launching a new career with realistic opportunities, personal finances, and developing a personal brand. I was one of a small group of coaches who provided resume writing, plus phone and in-person coaching before, during and after the event.

Mills College

This is a small, nationally-renowned liberal arts college in the San Francisco area. The college offers services through their career development department for graduating students. I was part of an MBA initiative that was funded by a recent alumna.

I was one of a number of coaches who worked individually with a group of students about their resumes. Rather than write for the women, I provided coaching on writing strategies, including a review of their current versions. The goal was to help them understand how to use their improved resumes to help obtain jobs now that their MBA degree was complete. We had an initial phone coaching session. They then took guidance I provided about their resumes, rewrote them, and returned to me for approval before submitting back to the school.

California State University, East Bay

The school put together a one-day event for students who were completing their MBA degrees. The purpose was to provide information and resources on topics such as networking skills, LinkedIn, and interview preparation. I was engaged to give feedback to individual students to assess their current resumes, and to provide guidance on how they could strengthen them. I reviewed a lot of resumes that day!