There are occasions where cutbacks or downsizing are necessary actions that a corporation or organization must take to stay in business. Many of these companies want to do whatever they can to help their loyal employees have a soft landing at another job. That’s why they often hire me as part of their outplacement program to provide services for employees who are being laid off, either as part of a restructuring or because of individual situations.

A program such as this typically sets up a budget for a certain number of hours of my time for each employee. That person and I will spend some time determining which of my writing or coaching services will be the most helpful to them.

On one occasion, I worked to help more than 40 people at a nonprofit that lost significant federal funding and had to restructure. I’ve worked with the NFL to help former players transition into the workforce after their football careers had ended. I have also worked with individual employees on a case-by-case basis as requested by the company. To facilitate the entire process, I can provide companies with a W-9 to be established as a service provider.

All the work I do is confidential, so employees are always free to discuss their situations, even when their employer is paying for my services. This high level of trust is necessary to develop genuinely productive working relationships and to get the most out of these sorts of outplacement programs.

Post-Secondary Education Programs

My services are also in demand by universities and colleges that wish to get their new graduates off on the right foot. In these situations, I work with both groups and individuals, providing them with professional writing strategies and reviewing their resumes.  I can give them guidance about how to find a job in today’s market, including LinkedIn and interview training.

If you are looking to put a program into place to help your current or former employees transition into new jobs or careers, please feel free to contact me today for a free consultation!