I Got My New Job! Now How Do I Manage My Career?

Many of us have worked in jobs that just came unexpectedly without giving the opportunities much thought. But what if you planned and took charge of your career that will support both your personal and professional life?  Schedule a call to talk about your current situation..

CAREER PLANNING: What would you like to be doing in five years? What options are you considering? Do you want to stay on your current path, or do you want to do something very different? How can you put together a strategy and a plan? I have strong partnerships with many of my clients that have spanned over the years as we have worked together as their careers have progressed.

INCREASING YOUR SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE: What new things do you need to learn to advance? More education?  Professional training? Certifications? We can put together a plan so you continue to be more valuable as an employee and stay excited about what you are doing.

STARTING YOUR NEW JOB: How do you get started on the right foot from your very first day? How can a 30-/60-/90 plan help you? You only have one chance at making a good first impression.

TOUCH-POINT: We can set up a schedule for regular conversations to discuss what is happening with your new job. Are things staying on track, or are there any issues you need to pay attention to?

AD HOC: Sometimes a specific situation develops and you want to make sure it doesn’t escalate. We can discuss the issues and your options.

CAREER HISTORY PORTFOLIO: Your portfolio should include your salary history, resumes, job descriptions, performance reviews, and awards. You should keep records of your publications, public speaking, and even your community leadership. You need to keep your own records because no one else will.