What is a Career Coach?

In our careers, we can sometimes find ourselves at a crossroads. Maybe you are at a turning point in your life, but you don’t know what to do next. Or perhaps you know exactly what you want, but can’t figure out how to get there. As a career coach, I can help you either way.

Over my time as a career coach, I’ve had countless clients who have made significant career changes or found ways to advance in the career they are in right now. Helping them take those steps towards the career they’ve always wanted, well, that’s the reason that I love being a coach!

My Coaching Process

I have four industry certifications for different types of coaching: basic career coaching, interview preparation, and online job searches.

In our very first no-charge introductory call, we will decide if I can provide the type of coaching that will be the most helpful for you. If so, you will engage me and we will schedule an appointment. I try to be neutral and non-judgmental in our conversations. I don’t have any agenda, other than wanting you to be happy in your career. I don’t know what you should next, but I can help you discover that for yourself.

I am a very practical coach, always making sure that we have a clear agenda for our coaching sessions and specific things to do afterwards. The process includes both internal assessment and external exploration of options, so you will have the opportunity to ask yourself many challenging questions. Our conversations will give you more clarity on these issues.

My work is very focused on career and job-related issues. I am not a life coach, although I have a holistic view of how people’s work impacts their families and all aspects of their lives.

I will give you prep material and things to think about before we meet, so it is not a “blind date.” I never know where the conversation might go. I am good at brainstorming and asking thoughtful questions that will help you gain insight and think in a new way.

As a coach, I will provide you with accountability as you make your way through your own process. We will brainstorm ideas, assess what you are doing now, and develop both short and long-term strategies so you can work with a realistic plan of action for taking your next steps.

The writing process to develop a new resume requires a writing strategy that is focused for specific types of jobs. Sometimes coaching can be helpful before any writing or an active job search can begin. I have worked with many people where one coaching session was sufficient, and then we moved to resume writing and the job search. For other people, we have had multiple sessions. Regardless of how many times we see each other, each coaching session will help you make some important decisions for your career.

If I were to say there is one common thread through all of my writing and coaching over all these years, it’s that my clients find or regain their confidence in themselves through our work together.

Coaching can be done in person at my office in the San Francisco Bay Area or by phone/Skype. It’s entirely up to you! Contact me today and we can get started creating a career plan that will take you where you’ve always wanted to go!