“Irene has been an invaluable resource for me for the past seven years. I first approached her when I needed to revise my decade-old resume and create a LinkedIn profile for the first time. In both projects, Irene helped me build professional documents which represented my experience and my career goals in the most compelling manner.

But she’s done far more than just that. Irene took every opportunity to get to know me as an individual professional. She gained an understanding of my goals and values to offer me intangible services including career coaching, interview preparation, and assistance with various types of business communications. She has been an invaluable resource in guiding me through a difficult job transition.

Irene is unfailingly honest and thorough in the way she sets about each task. Her choice of words is always eloquent and concise. She treats her clients as individuals and never falls back on a “one-size-fits-all” approach to career counseling.

Looking back upon several junctures of my career, I would find it difficult to imagine what I would have done without Irene’s services (tangible and intangible alike). I give her my highest recommendation.”

– T.G., Senior Accountant

“I highly recommend Irene Marshall as a career coach. She is compassionate, listens carefully to your needs, and genuinely wants to know where you are coming from, adapting her responses based on what she has heard. She is very knowledgeable and brings a wealth of experience to each individual she coaches.

Irene helped me at critical moments in two job searches, three years apart. Her coaching was a key factor in enabling me to land jobs shortly after these moments. With her assistance, I was able to step outside of all the subjective issues I was caught up in, and then objectively evaluate those problems and develop a solid plan for moving forward. It has been invaluable for me to have Irene Marshall as a career coach.”

– C.J., Program Manager

“I have worked with and known Irene for years. She is at the cutting edge of her profession and is always striving to set new benchmarks for our industry. I am fortunate enough to know most of the top industry leaders and I count Irene at the top that list!”

– J.B., Motivational Career Coach 

“Irene personifies the truly successful executive in a way few others do. Over the years, even as her company continued to grow, she always made time to contribute to our industry, keeping her finger on the pulse of the rapidly-changing career development world.

Irene is always on the alert to identify meaningful questions from colleagues. She does more than just answer their immediate needs. She’ll use their question to craft an answer that best explains the issues and offers strategies and tactics that move people’s careers forward. Irene is one of the few who have elevated that old saying, ‘knowledge is power,’ to its true level. For Irene, shared knowledge is power. She’s quick to share proven insights. In short, when people talk about a ‘force multiplier,’ they are describing Irene.”

– D.O., Career coach and resume writer

“Dedicated. Passionate about relationship and career building. Continuous record of successes. Thoroughly professional. I have worked with Irene for over 30 years; there is no one in her field that I would recommend more highly.”

– C.F., Associate

“Three years ago, Irene Marshall was recommended to me by a friend for resume writing and interview coaching. She was phenomenal in helping me shape my resume to better showcase my strengths, while also explaining common mistakes people make on their resumes. In my interview coaching sessions, Irene not only provided insights on how to impress interviewers through mock interviews, she also gave several general tips that could be applied to many different jobs.

Irene’s most shining qualities are her availability and refreshingly direct way of explaining the strong and weak parts of your professional profile. She teaches you how your resume and interview style reflect who you truly are. She has an engaging and respectful manner of guidance which betters your applications without coming off as condescending.

I would 100% recommend Irene for resume and interview coaching because she not only helps you shine in your application, but also helps you understand the application process from hiring companies’ perspectives. Her guidance and insights have been invaluable for me and I believe they will be for you too.”

– K.C., Manager

“Irene has been an incredible help over the past five years as I have created and updated my resume, professional bio, and LinkedIn profile. She is responsive and collaborative in her approach to working with clients. I have engaged her on four separate occasions and look forward to her input in the future.”

– N.N., Project Consultant

“Irene is an invaluable resource and expert resume writer. I first worked with her after six years in the teaching field. At that time, I was ready for a change of career. I only had a vague idea of what else I was interested in, plus no idea about my next steps. Irene was great at helping me figure out not only what I wanted to do, but also how to get there. I know I would not be at my current position without her expertise and guidance!”

– J.B., Administrative Assistant

“I am really pleased with the final version of my resume and have been happily sending it out to everybody I promised it to. Thanks for your help in better articulating my story!”

– A.S., Solutions Management

“I have worked with Irene and recommended her to scores of people. What sets her apart, beyond cleaning up my resume, was her ability to probe and ask questions to unlock value around skills and characteristics that I did not see in myself. I think those of us with many years of experience become accustomed to seeing ourselves in a certain way. Irene knows how to find so much more, then translate that into your resume. Irene helped me land my last CEO role which turned into a $640 million exit! I get to do my next CEO role now for fun now and Irene helped make that happen.”

– T.D. Chairman of the Board