Cash Flow During Your Job Search [Watch the Video!]

Do you have the cash you need while you are looking for a new job? Will you be able to pay your bills? Watch this video to find ideas about setting up a cash flow calendar. Do you have a financial plan to help carry you through your job search? Whether you are actively looking … Continued

Are You Telling the Truth on Your Resume?

Does your resume tell the real truth about you and your work? As someone who works with resumes and job seekers every day, I know for a fact that there are countless resumes out there that contain lies and falsehoods. These can be: Omissions: Maybe you leave out an entire job or part of the … Continued

Does Your Job Title Match Your Job?

What is your job title? For many people, job titles are remarkably important. They give people an idea of your responsibilities and place in the business. But what happens when your job title doesn’t reflect what you do at your job? When you accept a new job, your title should be appropriate for the work … Continued

The Importance of “Owning” the Content of Your Resume

It’s common knowledge at this point that people frequently lie about or exaggerate their accomplishments on their resumes. But why? Why do they take the risk that a potential employer might dig a little deeper and discover the truth? One of the reasons is because people can be insecure about who they are and what … Continued

How to Work with a Resume Writer: You are Both Experts!

In my time as a professional resume writer, I have written more than 3,000 resumes and other documents, and have worked with countless clients. One thing that I’ve learned is that working together to create a resume involves teamwork and communication. When you build a relationship with a resume writer, it becomes much easier to … Continued

Quiz: Is Your Resume Under-Formatted

10 Ways to Tell if Your Resume is Lacking the Visual Cues Recruiters Look For Design matters. Yes, even on a resume. Applying some basic visual design principles to your resume is a fantastic way to boost its effectiveness. When you are creating your resume using a program like Word, you want to use virtual … Continued

Is It True That My Resume Should Be Just One Page?

In my first meeting with most clients, they often say they need a one-page resume. When I ask, “Why?” they say that’s just what they’ve always been told. Where did that idea come from? I really don’t know. Most one-page resumes are difficult to read. They lack white space, use a tiny font size, and … Continued

Does your resume have a focused message?

Why should someone hire you instead of someone else? That can be a tricky question. Sometimes an employer needs to hire generalists who have broad skills and experience, and who can do a lot of things. This might be an office manager or a general staff accountant. Or the same company might need someone with … Continued