Does Your Job Title Match Your Job?

What is your job title? For many people, job titles are remarkably important. They give people an idea of your responsibilities and place in the business. But what happens when your job title doesn’t reflect what you do at your job? When you accept a new job, your title should be appropriate for the work … Continued

Are You Ready for Your 2019 Job Search?

Well, here we are! You have almost made it through 2018, for better or for worse! Now it’s time to hit the pavement and focus on finding a new job or career in 2019! Here are a few questions and ideas that will help you build momentum in your job search in the upcoming year! … Continued

What is Your Name for Your Job Search?

What’s your name? Hang on for a minute because the answer might not be as obvious as it seems! You were anointed with a name when you were born, but that isn’t necessarily the name that you use all the time. For example, you might use a shortened version of your name (Robert = Bob) … Continued