Slowly Transitioning from One Career to Another

I once had a client who was a CPA and enjoyed her work. While she wanted to continue as a CPA, she was also a very creative designer of beautiful high-end jewelry. She wanted to explore the possibilities of this new career but wasn’t sure how to make a living just as a jeweler. We … Continued

Look for an “Adjacent” Industry

My husband and I had a fire in our house last year. Thankfully, no one was hurt and the house is still standing! During the house restoration, I had the opportunity to see many skilled tradespeople at work, many of them working in adjacent industries. An adjacent industry is one that touches another industry in … Continued

When a Cup is More Than Just a Cup

As a career coach, I have heard thousands of stories about people being angry about how they were treated when they left a company.  One time, a woman came into my office because she couldn’t land a single interview, let alone a job. I asked her what happened. Boy, did I get an earful! She … Continued

Do You Have the Right Personality for Your Job?

As a resume writer and career coach, I run into many clients who dislike their job, but don’t know why. Sometimes it all has to do with personality.  When Someone’s Personality is Not a Good Fit for the Job I could not do a job that required me to be calm, cool, and collected. I … Continued

What About the Dreaded Employment “Gap?”

I once talked with a man who had been a stay-at-home dad for seven years but wanted to go back to work. Prior to this, he had been the Chief Financial Officer at a company. His wife died in childbirth, leaving him with two special-needs twin boys. As he was in a good financial position, … Continued

Does Your Job Title Match Your Job?

What is your job title? For many people, job titles are remarkably important. They give people an idea of your responsibilities and place in the business. But what happens when your job title doesn’t reflect what you do at your job? When you accept a new job, your title should be appropriate for the work … Continued

Are You Ready for Your 2019 Job Search?

Well, here we are! You have almost made it through 2018, for better or for worse! Now it’s time to hit the pavement and focus on finding a new job or career in 2019! Here are a few questions and ideas that will help you build momentum in your job search in the upcoming year! … Continued

What is Your Name for Your Job Search?

What’s your name? Hang on for a minute because the answer might not be as obvious as it seems! You were anointed with a name when you were born, but that isn’t necessarily the name that you use all the time. For example, you might use a shortened version of your name (Robert = Bob) … Continued