What Are Your 20 Accomplishments?

20 accomplishments

Have you ever done an inventory of the accomplishments in your life? An accomplishment is something notable that you have successfully completed. They can be both personal and professional, big and small, be recognized by other people, or just something you know about yourself. Moreover, they can be used to boost your resume and get … Continued

4 Things to Learn About Second Interviews

4 things to know about second interviews

I’ve written a lot about first interviews, particularly about how to prepare for them. But what about the second interview? When you’ve passed your first interview with flying colors, you might wonder what the second interview will be like. My advice is that you need to be equally prepared and fully understand the purpose of … Continued

Were There Red Flags in Your Interview with a Company?

Have you ever left an interview with a feeling that something was not quite right? For the last 20 years, starting as a recruiter and now as a coach and resume writer, I have coached hundreds of people to get ready for their interviews, and then heard back with stories about what happened. These stories … Continued

Does a Lien on Your House Mean You Can’t Get a Job?

Does a lien on your house mean you can't get a job?

It would be lovely if everyone had a stable financial situation that would not get in the way of things like looking for a new job. But that is just not true. A family’s financial matters can quickly become a big problem if they are, for example, faced with overwhelming medical bills. This situation can … Continued

Have Cultural Issues Sabotaged your Interview? [Watch My Video]

Have Cultural Issues Sabotaged Your Interview?

There is a real mix of cultures here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Many of the people living in the area were born and raised in another country. This mix of cultures can sometimes result in different types of “proper” etiquette, putting people unexpectedly at odds, even in professional situations. In my time as … Continued

Don’t Judge a Person Because of an Employment Gap

I once talked with a man who had been a stay-at-home dad for seven years, but wanted to go back to work. Prior to this, he had been the Chief Financial Officer at a company. His wife died in childbirth, leaving him with two special-needs twin boys. As he was in a good financial position, … Continued