Slowly Transitioning from One Career to Another

I once had a client who was a CPA and enjoyed her work. While she wanted to continue as a CPA, she was also a very creative designer of beautiful high-end jewelry. She wanted to explore the possibilities of this new career but wasn’t sure how to make a living just as a jeweler. We … Continued

Differences Between Job Titles, Roles, & Duties

I have a client who was once hired as an Office Assistant, but was in the process of taking on a larger and more complicated role in her company. I helped her negotiate a new title of Office Manager to reflect this change. It was important to be clear what she did and who she … Continued

Interview Happened Because of Patent Pending

My nephew, David,  is a mechanical engineer who worked at a life science medical device manufacturing company. After eleven years, he wanted a new job. I helped him because I am a resume writer (and his aunt!) QUESTIONS FOR A RESUME   I asked if he had any patents, expecting the answer to be no. … Continued

Are You an Executive or a Manager?

Sometimes when you are working to a client, even a client who you get along great with, it can feel like you’re speaking two different languages. I once had a client who was working in the construction field come into my office to develop his new resume. He very much enjoyed the construction business, but … Continued

Your Personality Should Be a Good Fit for Your Job

As a resume writer and career coach, I run into many clients who dislike their job, but don’t know why. Sometimes it all has to do with personality.  When Someone’s Personality is Not a Good Fit for the Job I could not do a job that required me to be calm, cool, and collected. I … Continued

Who You Talk With At Your Job Is Actually Important

There are many ways to describe how you contribute to your company. Yes, your specific job duties can be stated in a formal job description, but a role defines where you are in the company’s structure. What do you actually do? Who do you talk with?  WHAT IS YOUR JOB AND YOUR ROLE?  Sometimes, perspective … Continued

You Can Work with a Product, a Service, or Both

Sometimes, it is hard to decide why you do or do not like a job. To nail it down, first think about your company. What does it do and what is your role? Consider this context:    Products   <   Combination   >   Services Products Some people like dealing with tangibles. When a … Continued

Writing Your Own Job Description to Get an Offer

I cannot overstate the importance of written job descriptions. They are necessary to set clear expectations for both you and a company considering hiring you. Believe it or not, sometimes taking the initiative to write your own job description can lead to an offer.  THE OPPORTUNITY A woman once came to me because she had … Continued

There is No Such Thing as a “Practice” Interview

Practice interview

I have coached people on interview skills for almost 20 years and know that everyone is nervous for one reason or another. When I landed an interview with Robert Half, where I was eventually hired as a recruiter, it was the first I’d had in 17 years. I was super nervous! Some other reasons to … Continued