Who Helped You Get Your Job? Have You Thanked Them?

Who helped you get your job? Have you thanked them?

You have gone through the entire job search process, and now you have your new job! Have you thanked anyone? What if you didn’t get the job? Did you still thank anyone? You would be surprised at how seldom help is acknowledged after a job search. There are many ways someone might have really made … Continued

What is a Performance Review and How Can It Be a Problem?

What is a performance review and how can it be a problem?

Have you ever had a performance review? When a company has a major problem or situation with an employee, the manager and someone from Human Resources might consider removing that person. But because that is a legal action, they can’t just fire them. Instead, a process for a formal performance review will be set up. … Continued

Does a Lien on Your House Mean You Can’t Get a Job?

Does a lien on your house mean you can't get a job?

It would be lovely if everyone had a stable financial situation that would not get in the way of things like looking for a new job. But that is just not true. A family’s financial matters can quickly become a big problem if they are, for example, faced with overwhelming medical bills. This situation can … Continued

Why Don’t You Want to Be “Adept At…?”

Resume Writing - Why you dont want to be recognized for

Does your resume or LinkedIn profile give readers a clear understanding of your background and qualifications for a new job? When writing your professional documents, you want to communicate the information as clearly as possible. Several phrases are often used in resumes and LinkedIn profiles, but are not actually helpful: Adept at… Recognized for… Demonstrated … Continued