Do You Have the Right Personality for Your Job?

You know the old saying, “I got a bad feeling about this…” There are times when we have a sense that something isn’t quite right. It’s impossible to put our finger on why, but there is still that sinking feeling in our gut. As a resume writer and career coach, I talk with people every … Continued

Are You Telling the Truth on Your Resume?

Does your resume tell the real truth about you and your work? As someone who works with resumes and job seekers every day, I know for a fact that there are countless resumes out there that contain lies and falsehoods. These can be: Omissions: Maybe you leave out an entire job or part of the … Continued

How His Dinner Made Him Reconsider a Job Offer

Sometimes, it’s the small things that can make you reconsider a huge “opportunity.” There are always some obvious things that people consider when thinking about accepting a new job, such as the salary, benefits, job duties, commute, and career growth potential. But sometimes, the reasons NOT to take a job are not as obvious. As … Continued

What About the Dreaded Employment “Gap?”

There are a lot of reasons why people get nervous about interviews and their resumes. They might feel like they don’t have enough experience. They could be worried about a lie or exaggeration that they included. Or, the big one, they are concerned about having an employment gap. In my experience, a fear of having … Continued

But I Was Just Doing My Job!

There is so much to be said on the subject of storytelling when it comes to your interview skills. When an interviewer asks you a question, they aren’t looking for a yes or no answer. They are looking for a story that will tell them a bit about you and your experience/skills. If you aren’t … Continued

Helping Unhappy Teachers Find New Career Paths

Certain people are attracted to certain types of job. For example, if someone believes in the value of education and has a desire to help young people learn, then becoming a teacher might be the perfect career path for them. Unfortunately, even if that seems like a great idea at first, things can change as … Continued

Have You Ever Met Someone Who Really Loves Watches?

Here is a secret about me: I love people who love what they do. As a resume writer, it gives me great pleasure to help those who are looking for the perfect career. So, whenever I meet someone who exudes passion for their job, it makes me very happy! Last year, I was on a … Continued

Does Your Job Title Match Your Job?

What is your job title? For many people, job titles are remarkably important. They give people an idea of your responsibilities and place in the business. But what happens when your job title doesn’t reflect what you do at your job? When you accept a new job, your title should be appropriate for the work … Continued