Does Your Personality Match Your Job?

Personality match your job

Many times, a success story involves someone changing careers or finding a new job. But success can also be measured by someone simply making a good career decision in the first place. One time, I was at my dermatologist’s office. I am always curious and regularly ask people how it is that they went into … Continued

Top Two Ways to Focus your Job Search

Focus your job search

If you Google, “how to stay focused on your job search,” you will find lots of different suggestions. It is not a new concept. But you want answers that go beyond the cliché responses. Your lack of motivation and focus can be divided into two categories. Here are two ways to focus your job search: … Continued

Three Ways to Evaluate Your Job Situation

Evaluate your job situation

Covid-19 has created a challenging and scary job market. If you lost your job during the crisis, how can you find a new one quickly? Are you secure even if you are currently employed? Who in your circle of co-workers, family and friends is going through a stressful time? One thing that might help is … Continued

Is it Hard to be a Recruiter?

Is it hard to be a recruiter

Have you ever wondered what it is like to work as a recruiter? I was a recruiter for three years at Robert Half, placing people in finance and accounting jobs. I loved the work and found it to be very satisfying. Why? Because I was helping people get new jobs! So, what was stressful about … Continued

Will a Company Hire You for Your Customer Service Skills?

Customer Service Skills

How does a recruiter or hiring manager decide that they should hire you to fill a specific job? They will ask multiple questions on various subjects. But what will be the criteria? Are you actually qualified to do the work? How will you fit into your schedule? Do you believe in the mission of the … Continued

What Are Your 20 Accomplishments?

20 accomplishments

Have you ever done an inventory of the accomplishments in your life? An accomplishment is something notable that you have successfully completed. They can be both personal and professional, big and small, be recognized by other people, or just something you know about yourself. Moreover, they can be used to boost your resume and get … Continued

What is the Resume Technique Known as “Stacking?”

Resume Stacking

How many jobs have you had throughout your career? Rather than move from company to company, some people find a fantastic job, and then stick with that company for years afterward. They climb the ranks, getting new positions with progressively greater responsibilities and higher pay. The problem is that, when you put all of those … Continued

What is Your “Legacy of Goodwill?”

Legacy of Goodwill

Nowadays, you hear a lot of talk about building your professional network, particularly through LinkedIn. How do you do it? For that matter, why do you do it? Can your network actually help you get a job? Can you use it to help other people? One time, I was working with a coaching client. During … Continued

4 Things to Learn About Second Interviews

4 things to know about second interviews

I’ve written a lot about first interviews, particularly about how to prepare for them. But what about the second interview? When you’ve passed your first interview with flying colors, you might wonder what the second interview will be like. My advice is that you need to be equally prepared and fully understand the purpose of … Continued