There is NO CHARGE for our initial conversation, as we will simply be trying to assess if I can provide what you need as a writer or coach. To book a free consultation, please reach out to me by scheduling a call.


Cost can depend on a number of factors. My professional fees are both fair and competitive with others in my industry. If the price is your primary consideration, I will probably not be a useful resource for you.

My fees are based on my professional training, certifications, education, general business experience, and expertise in career support services. I am good at what I do, with clients often telling me they are more confident in themselves and their abilities after we work together.


I consider multiple factors when establishing my fees, starting with how long it will take me to work on the project. These considerations may include:

  • The length of your career in years
  • Your number of employers and separate jobs
  • Where you currently are in your career (entry, mid-career, executive, or re-entry into the workforce)

The size and price of the project may also depend on what you hope to accomplish with your new resume. For example:

  • Are you looking at the same career path?
  • Are you looking to change industries?
  • Are you looking to transition to a different type of role?
  • Are you looking to get promoted?
  • Do you wish to move from an individual contributor to a manager role, or vice versa?
  • Are there are specific issues, such as employment gaps?
  • Have you been with a single employer a long time?
  • Have you had short-tenured jobs?


I have a 2-hour minimum for initial writing or coaching, with work after that being charged in 15-minute increments. We can also set up a retainer for ongoing career coaching.


I try not to work on a rush basis as I don’t want to short-change my writing and coaching processes. However, in the event of emergencies, I am responsive and we can discuss rush charges.


I will send you a service agreement, including details of the services I will provide plus detailed breakdowns of my professional fees.

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