INITIAL CONSULTATION:  There is NO CHARGE for an initial conversation. We are trying to assess if I can provide what you need as a writer or coach. Schedule a call to reach me.

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? It depends…… I charge professional fees that are fair and competitive. But if you are primarily considering price, I am not a good resource for you.

My fees are based on my own professional training, certifications, education, general business experience, and expertise in career support services. I am good at what I do, and people always tell me they are more confident in themselves after working together.

RESUMES and OTHER WRITING:  I consider multiple factors to establish my fees, starting with how long will it take me to write. Then…..

Length of your career in years? Number of employers? Number of separate jobs? Where are you in your career: entry-level, mid-career, executive, or re-entry into the workforce?  But there is more……….

Are you wanting the same career path? Change industries? Transition to a different type of role? Get promoted? Move from an individual contributor to a manager or vice versa? And more…..

Are there specific issues such as employment gaps? Have you been with one employer a long time? Have you had short-tenured jobs?

Click here for more information about resume writing. Click here for information on cover letters and other writing.

MINIMUM: I have a 2-hour minimum for initial writing or coaching, then I work in 15-minute increments. We can also set up a retainer for ongoing coaching. Click here for more information about career coaching.

RUSH CHARGES: I try not to work on a rush basis because I don’t want to short-change my writing and coaching processes. But I am responsive, and we can discuss rush charges.

SERVICE AGREEMENT:  I will send you a service agreement including details of the services I will provide, plus professional fees.