Meet Irene Marshall

I love to help people get jobs and find new careers!  I had a very eclectic career until the age of 50. It seemed as if everything I was doing was just preparing me for my “real work”. But I didn’t know what that was. My career spanned accounting, finance, sales, marketing, business development, small business consulting, and two family businesses.

I was hired by Robert Half as a recruiter in 1999. The first time I got a job offer for someone who accepted it — Voila! Voila! That was it!  Now I really understood what my real Work is – and I have never looked back! It is my way of making a big difference in other people’s lives.

Not all resume writers coach, and not all coaches write. But I am good at both. I have written more than 3,000 resumes and other career documents, and have reviewed thousands more.

I start by really listening to who you are and what you need right now. Then we can decide if I am the best resource for you.  I hope I am!