I’m Excited!  I Got My New Job! Now What?

You can step into your new job with intention by taking some steps to now manage your career.  I can help you!

If you can develop a very clear short-term and long-term strategy for your job search, you can make decisions by intent, rather than by default.  I work with some people on a scheduled basis to put together and then work through their plan.  But sometimes really unexpected or stressful things happen in the work place (or at home) that impact your ability to do your best work.  So here are things we can do:

  • A Career History Portfolio will keep everything historical about your career in one place.  It can include earlier resume versions, job descriptions, performance reviews, formal and informal recognition, and salary / bonus history.  If you have publications,  presentations or special projects, you can include these too. Records on community leadership can also be kept.  We all think we will remember this information, but most of us don’t.
  • Your personal business plan should be developed sometime between when you accept your new job and when you actually start.  This will include plans for the first week, then 30-60-90 days, six months and one year.  We will decide what is the best way to share with your new boss. We can then set up a regular schedule for a check-in, perhaps every ninety days.
  • Ad hoc coaching –  Sometimes things happen where it can just be helpful to have an outside and neutral perspective.  Maybe your boss quit and you don’t like the replacement?  Maybe the job has not turned out to be what you were expecting? Maybe you have an urgent family situation and you are not sure how to balance your life and your work?

What do you need to do to be where you want to be in the future?

All of us need to stay current on business and economic trends, and changes with technology and your industry.  How can you invest in yourself?

  • Professional training through formal coursework, licenses or certifications?
  • Additional formal education?
  • Skills gained through volunteer or community leadership?
  • Professional Associations?  How are you meeting your peers?




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My Credentials

  • Certified Professional Resume Writer
  • Certified Employment Interview Professional
  • Certified Professional Career Coach


  • MBA, University of Santa Clara
  • B.S., Accounting, California State University, Hayward


  • 15 years helping people find jobs
  • 3 years recruiter at Robert Half
  • 40+ years business experience
  • 25 years business owner