LinkedIn Strategies

LinkedIn is a global resource that is used by over 175 million people. Your resume and LinkedIn profile need to be written strategically. But then what?

I provide coaching on how to use LinkedIn. It is not always intuitive and specific training can be helpful. Plus, LinkedIn continually tweaks how the site works, so it is challenging to keep up with new changes.

Building and managing your network
LinkedIn is a way for people to stay in touch. It is no longer ok to say “The company went bankrupt and I can’t find my former boss to give me a reference.” A former employee contacted me after 25 years, and I then worked on her resume.

It is important to always spend some time and energy building your network. It is awkward to say “I know we haven’t talked for five years, but I’m looking for work now, can you help?” Most jobs are filled by people networking into companies, so LinkedIn is a crucial component of any job search.

You can manage the privacy settings on your profile to make your network open or private. My list of over 1600 direct contacts has grown organically. I choose to keep it private because all of my work is confidential. But I use it for interview coaching as I often find useful information about the interviewer and company demographics.

Participating in groups
Groups connect people with similar interests who can share content, find answers, post and view jobs, make business contacts, and generally support each other.

Groups can be open or by invitation, and include categories such as corporate and college alumni, nonprofits, trade organizations, conferences, and industry segments.. There are more than one million groups, so everyone can find ones that are of interest. But it is not enough to just join a group. It pays to be active.

Recommendations are a way for others to speak directly about you and your work based on their personal experience. The ones on my own profile speak to my writing, coaching and public speaking as these are ways that people engage me. Strategic recommendations can be helpful and have now substituted for old-fashioned “letters of recommendation”.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization
People can find your profile many ways. It needs to be written to optimize your SEO by including things such as specific skills, certifications, licenses, publications, and public speaking. This is a way that LinkedIn can position you beyond your resume. Your overall LinkedIn strategy loops back to how your profile is written.

There are other ways to strategically use LinkedIn and it is important to understand how to make optimal use of this resource. LinkedIn is here to stay.  We’re here to help you maximize your exposure!




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